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8 things you can do now to get the most out of your summer program.

This article extra is a companion to the feature article Summer Harp Camp Roundup.

As the cold winds blow outside your window, summer camp may be the last thing on your mind. But as you enjoy a cup of hot cocoa to curb the winter chill, you should also warm up to the idea of summer studies. After all, it’s already 2017 and your program may be only six months away!

A summer program can be an incredible opportunity to grow as an artist, and the more you can do now, the more you will get out of the experience this summer. Identify your weaknesses and strengthen your skills now. This will help you broaden your musical experience this summer. Work on choosing the right program. Make a list of what you’d like to accomplish this summer. If ensemble playing is what you lack, consider attending a camp that offers group harp performances, orchestra experience, or a chamber program. If you’d like to expand your abilities as a soloist, you may find great opportunities in a camp that provides a masterclass setting. Or maybe you need time to escape the intensity of your normal schedule and find inspiration in a remote location. Many summer programs are held in picturesque settings, giving you the breath of fresh air you need to breathe new life into your playing.  As you make plans, remember that summer programs provide the chance to recharge, refocus, and expand your horizons both musically and personally. As you search for the right fit, also keep in mind how much you can gain from the new friends you will make and the fun you will have making music in a summer setting.

We asked some teachers and students to give us their best preparation tips for you to set the stage for a productive and fun-filled summer:

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