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Question: How can I stay musically engaged while playing background music gigs?

When playing background music, have you ever thought, “No one is listening” and the time just drags on and on? Well, boredom busters are here to save the day! If you’re in a particularly large space, this can lead to you feeling distant and Muzak-like. One thing I like to do (and this works in more intimate spaces as well), is find one person to play for and make it your goal to provide them with an intimate concert. There have been times when I have played for “an audience of one” they have approached me and said how much they enjoyed the music. It’s kind of creepy but cool when it happens.   

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  1. Personally I like to make sure that I’ve got plenty of songs that I personally like interspersed with the classics. Whether it’s a pop song, a song from a video game, or an easy little etude, if it sounds nice then no one is going to mind, and I get to have some fun!

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