Shackie and the Chipmunks


Shackie the cat leads to a curious discovery.

—by Olivia Hitt

It was a wonderfully warm, deliciously sunny afternoon. My husband and I were enjoying our hammock outside together while our cat, a red-point Siamese named Shackleton, prowled around. I heard a noise and sat up in the hammock to check on Shackleton (who I have affectionately nicknamed Shackie). To my utter astonishment, I saw Shackie zip into our house as fast as I had ever seen him run in all the time I’ve known him. (We had left the back door cracked open so Shackie could get to his food and water dish.) Mind you, this is no small feat for him, because he’s at least 20 pounds and definitely does not like to run; loping is his fastest gait at best. Astounded, I raced after him in disbelief that I had just seen my chubby cat run that fast for no apparent reason.

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