See and Be Seen


See and Be Seen

It is well known that Google is the largest search engine in the world, but if I asked you to name the number two search engine today, what would you say? If you guessed Bing, or Yahoo!, you would be wrong. It’s YouTube. At more than one billion users and over three billion searches a month, YouTube is larger than Bing, Yahoo!, and AOL combined, and it has evolved into one of the most powerful media outlets for musicians available today. Much like MTV did for rock bands in the 1980s, YouTube has given millions of artists a platform to share their music and interact with a global audience.

There are over 1.3 million harp videos on YouTube, from covers of rock and pop songs to recitals, masterclasses, music festival auditions, wedding promo reels, and of course, behind-the-scenes shots of #practicalharpists gigging, “vlogging” (video blogs) in practice rooms, and transporting harps in the most unexpected of places. The visually striking aesthetics of harp playing make it a perfect fit for video, and the widespread availability of affordable recording technology, web cams, and smartphones means that relatively high-quality videos are cheaper and easier to produce than ever before.

We asked a few of the harpists who are creatively and effectively leveraging YouTube as part of their overall marketing strategy to share what equipment they use, what goes into shooting a music video on location, how to optimize your channel so you can connect with a wider audience, and what advice they have to get started on YouTube.

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  2. floraleda sacchi on

    I would say VIMEO platform is better and it’s anyway mirrored on Youtube. It pays more also than Youtube ads.

    My Vevo channel was created in February 2015. With 3 video I got more than 64.000 views

    2 video were previously uploaded to my youtube channel ( and got already there more than 133.000 views, instead the 3rd (new official) video was uploaded only on VEVO. It got 46.000 views.

    It’s higher result than with my regular youtube channel even if I have there more than 1000 subscribers and a million view, but I got that through the years and with lots of video.

    Happy streaming!

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