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Question: What are some effective ways to find new students?

Erin Wood

Erin Wood maintains a private studio and teaches at the University of Kansas and Benedictine College.

Recruiting new students involves both promoting yourself as a teacher and promoting the harp as a viable instrument choice. Harp teachers are at a disadvantage because most public schools do not offer harp as an option, so many kids have no exposure to the harp or consider it a possibility. I have performed at preschools and grade schools in my area. Kids always enjoy learning about the harp and seeing one up close. Hopefully it will be so memorable that they will go home and tell their parents they want to play the harp.

Try to reach out to the homeschool community and offer to perform a recital or demonstration; homeschool students are great for filling up those daytime hours. If you don’t have time to perform, be sure to contact the local school orchestra teachers and give them your information. Most teachers and music stores have a list of private teachers that they recommend, and can put your info into the hands of students who are looking for a teacher.

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