Revisiting Renié


A look at Renié’s legacy and two original arrangements

While the normal topic of this column is published music, this edition will highlight a new book that should be of interest to harpists. One Stone to the Building is about the life of Henriette Renié and her unique contributions to the harp world. It was written by Dr. Jaymee Haefner, professor of harp at the University of North Texas, and published by AuthorHouse ( Although this is not the first biographic work about Renié, nor is it intended to be the definitive review of her works, it provides a valuable look at her roles as virtuoso, composer, and teacher.

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Jan Jennings is the music review editor for Harp Column and is the author of The Harpist’s Complete Wedding Guidebook and Effortless Glissing. You can email her at

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