Reviewing the Music Review


A look back at the trends, the favorites, and the best of 25 years of music reviews

Who would’ve thought when Kimberly Rowe first asked me to write a music review for her fledgling publication that I would still be doing it a quarter of a century later? A lot of music has passed across my desk in all that time—far more than I could ever include in six issues per year. I’ve tried to include all genres of music as well as selections for both lever and pedal harp. I’ve noticed some trends and have acquired some favorite composers and arrangers. In this anniversary issue we’ll take a look back at some of the highlights.

One trend is that there has been an increase in the number of publications for harp ensembles, including multi-level arrangements. It seems there are lots of harpists playing together, mixing various levels of ability and both lever and pedal harps. I’ve reviewed a lot of ensemble music over the past 25 years, and here are a few top picks for a second look.

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Jan Jennings is the music review editor for Harp Column and is the author of The Harpist’s Complete Wedding Guidebook and Effortless Glissing. You can email her at

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