—by Sophie Baird-Daniel

Musical prescriptions for technical maladies

A solid technical foundation is one of the most important tools a harpist can have. We all know there’s no substitute for etudes, exercises, practice, and of course, a wonderful teacher. Those are the over-the-counter medication for your technical maladies—your first line of defense. However, once the hard work and practice hours have been logged, you still have to put techniques into the context of a concert piece—music that hones in on a specific technique. Think of this repertoire as prescription medication—music you cannot master without technical proficiency. We reached out to some expert teachers and performers, including Valerie Muzzolini, Bridget Kibbey, Andrea Mumm, and Phala Tracy, to help write some musical prescriptions to fill your technical needs.

Let’s find out what the doctors ordered!

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