Practice Makes Progress


Five tips to take your practicing from drudgery to dynamite

—by Rachel Lee Hall

Have you ever found yourself in a practice slump? You come begrudgingly to a practice session, grumbling to yourself, “I’d rather be doing just about anything else right now.” Or you endure to the end of your session and wonder, “Did I even make any progress at all?” We’ve all been there. Practicing well is easier said than done. Maintaining focus and staying motivated to practice can always be a struggle, but especially so in this season of staying home, canceled gigs, and quarantine. Our routines have drastically changed, and even as we slowly emerge from quarantine regulations, adjusting to the new normal will continue to be a challenge. In this new and uncertain season, how can we keep from being discouraged? How can we fight against being more lax in our practice routines? How can we maintain our focus and stay motivated to reach our goals in the practice room?

In my own struggles in the practice room, I have found the accumulation of small advantages to be the biggest aid in the overwhelming sea of non-motivation and distraction. So here are my top five life hacks for minimizing your practice slumps and maximizing your focus and motivation as you seek to accomplish your most ambitious harp goals.

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