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Anne Sullivan taught music theory and ear training at the Curtis Institute of Music from 1982–2002. She teaches harp at the University of Delaware and helps harpists find harp happiness at

Four keys to ensuring your studio policies carry weight with students and parents

Student Scenario #1: I have a very talented student who loves the harp, and I love teaching her. The problem is that her parents never pay when they are supposed to, and I have to chase them for payment all the time. Sometimes they get a couple of months behind. I don’t want to lose this student, but her parents are driving me crazy!

Student Scenario #2: I really enjoy teaching—it’s part of my personal mission—but I get tired of trying to adjust my schedule for students who have missed lessons or come late. I have “studio policies,” but they don’t seem to carry any weight with some of my students. My conversations with them don’t seem to help. Does every teacher have this same problem, or is it just me?

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