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Katy Wong is a recent graduate from The Juilliard School. She’s currently based in NYC working for Sony Music Entertainment. When she’s not performing or teaching harp lessons, you can find her running or ice skating in Central Park.

Finding your path in the music world can take you off the beaten path

—by Katy Wong

“Juilliard? That’s amazing! So…what are your plans after graduation?”

Great question. The truth is, I don’t know yet. But I really love the harp. Is that a good enough answer for you?

So go many conversations since graduating from The Juilliard School this year with my undergraduate degree in harp performance, where I studied with Nancy Allen. I never dreamed I’d be here. Like many harpists, I started on the piano and later switched over to the harp. I didn’t know I would fall in love with harp and go to college majoring in it. I never imagined I would have the opportunity to go to Juilliard and study with an amazing teacher—Ms. Allen. But here I am, a girl from Jersey whose current reality exceeds my wildest dreams thanks to supportive teachers, friends, and family.

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