How to handle auditions, connect with your teacher, maximize your lessons, and get the most out of your college harp experience

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—by Katherine Ventura

Going back to school this fall feels anything but routine. The coronavirus pandemic has left students and teachers all over the world scrambling to find a new kind of normal. Navigating this “new normal” can be particularly challenging for harpists both in college and auditioning for college this fall. We caught up with some of the most experienced college harp teachers around the country to find out how they are handling the unique educational circumstances we find ourselves in this year and hear their advice on maximizing your learning experience in the time of COVID.

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The glass is half full

A teacher of college level students for many years, Sarah Bullen looks at our current education environment during COVID with a wide-angle lens. “Music becomes even more important at times like this, because it brings some comfort and sanity into the world and the desire to connect with something that goes to the core of who we are,” she reflects. “It comes from a very deep part in all of us—this artistic yearning, the desire to reach for something greater than we are.”

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