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A year or so ago, I was called to play for a wedding ceremony. It was to be a small mid-day wedding in a town not too far away. The date was available, and we agreed to a fee and arranged all the details.

The day came, and I arrived at the lovely stone chapel where the service would take place. It was a small historic building with wonderful acoustics, and despite having almost no parking and awkward harp access, I was able to get in and set up. The minister arrived a little later, and we discussed the service.

I began playing as the guests arrived. The bride walked in, only slightly behind schedule, looking very beautiful and quite pregnant. All went well, and I finished playing as the final guest left. The minister came over to thank me, and I gave him a card in case he should need harp music again in that lovely church. I packed up my harp and equipment and headed home.

Later that night the phone rang. It was the minister from the service! I was surprised to hear from him so soon, especially as it was now rather late at night, but I was pleased that he was already thinking of having harp music again. Then the minister told me that he had forgotten to have a witness sign the marriage license! The guests had all left and the bride and groom had headed off on their honeymoon. He didn’t know whom to contact, but then he remembered he had my card, so he wondered if I would agree to be the witness to the marriage.

I agreed, he drove over to my home, and I signed the license. Little did the bride and groom know that not only would I be providing their wedding music, but also making sure they were legally married too!

Wendy Kerner  Wilton, Conn.


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