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How to get the most out of your summer program

Pictured clockwise from top left: author Angela Schwarzkopf, Elizabeth Hainen, Justine Azar, Ginetta Baril, Elizabeth Volpé Bligh, Sebastian Gobbels, Joan Holland, Katherine, Siochi, and Kathleen Hopkins

I often describe my first harp camp experience as the life changing moment in my harp development. At that time, I was in university and the only harpist in my program. Although that offered me a lot of opportunity within the school, it also shielded me from the vastness of the harp community. Halfway through my undergraduate studies, I decided to attend a summer harp camp. I picked up my copy of Harp Column and looked through the summer programs to find the right camp for me. What followed was an amazing exposure to the world of harp; I met harpists from around the world and studied with new teachers who showed me different thoughts and ideas. I was inspired to raise my level, practice more, think more, and work more. I returned home from the camp a new harpist.

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About Author

Angela Schwarzkopf is a professional freelance harpist and teacher in the greater Toronto area. President of the Toronto Chapter of the American Harp Society, Angela is the first harpist to pursue a Doctorate of Music in Harp Performance in Canada. Angela is a course instructor at the University of Toronto, and a regular adjudicator at the Glenn Gould School of Music. This season Angela can be seen performing with Orchestra London, the Niagara Symphony Orchestra, the Kingston Symphony, and the Talisker Players, among other orchestras and ensembles. In her spare time Angela enjoys writing for Harp Column.

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