Loads of Levers


New works for lever harp from O’Sullivan and Voltz.

Lest anyone believe that the lever harp is easier to play than the pedal harp or that the repertoire is less virtuosic, take a look at this new collection of music for Celtic harp by Michael O’Sullivan. Published by Fatrock Ink, O’Sullivan intends the six pieces in “Valentia Suite” to be a “loving and nostalgic tribute to the beautiful hidden gem Valentia Island, in County Kerry,” Ireland. The composer’s notes at the back of the book share a glimpse into the very personal perceptions that these pieces represent.

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Jan Jennings is the music review editor for Harp Column and is the author of The Harpist’s Complete Wedding Guidebook and Effortless Glissing. You can email her at mail@harpbiz.com.

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  1. The Valentia Suite is wonderful, and the CD was well worth purchasing (there are also at least one Youtube video as reference to watch how some of those lever flips work). Other challenging lever-friendly music includes “Blue Dream World” by Inge Frimout, which includes a CD of all the pieces, “Blue Orchid”, a jazzy composition by Savourna Stevenson (she has many great works for lever harp), and “Grassy Fields” by Kathryn Cater.

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