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Adrienne Knauer

Originally from New York, Adrienne Knauer is a professional freelance harpist and teacher in the greater Philadelphia area. She loves the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur and is always trying to come up with creative ways to incorporate the harp in live events.

Making it as a harpist today takes more than perfect trills and a music degree.

If you look at the job listings by instrument on at any given time, there is usually an average of two to four principal harp job openings. For the entire world. This is the reality we face as more harpists enter and finish college every year, studying to be orchestral harpists. Even if an orchestra job isn’t your goal, what does your post-music degree landscape look like? How much money can you really make as a freelance harpist, and is that income worth the effort? The answer isn’t black and white, but if you do your research and are prepared with the right tools, then you get that much closer to making your dream career a reality.

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