Just Do It


Stop wallowing in the sea of things undone and start focusing on just one thing you can do right now.

Right after I had my first child, I received the best piece of new-mother advice from none other than my own mother. As I lamented to her about being completely overwhelmed with the demands of caring for another human life on top of everything else (there were days I am pretty sure I didn’t even brush my hair), my mother wisely told me, “Do one thing every day from your to-do list, just one. You will feel like you accomplished something.”

This nugget of wisdom ends up not only to be sage advice for new parents, but also pretty helpful for anyone trying to juggle the demands of their harp life with their personal life. “Do one thing” might not sound like an earth-shattering concept. Yet when you are faced with a mountain of tasks so tall you feel paralyzed, doing just one task sounds doable. Accomplishing one job replaces that feeling of helplessness with a sense of accomplishment and confidence to tackle the next item on your to-do list. It’s the same reason self-help gurus swear by making your bed every morning—it’s one tangible accomplishment to kick off your day in a positive way. The focus is not in the size or speed of the task, but the completion of it. The tortoise definitely got this one right—slow and steady wins the race.

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