Impressions de France


Impressions de France; Caroline LeonardelliImpressions de France
Caroline Leonardelli, Naxos, 2014
4.75 harps

How do you become a world class harpist? Practice, practice, practice.

Right, very funny, Alison. But aside from countless hours of work, there is usually a spark, an inspiration, something that grabs a young budding musician and sends her off in the direction of all that diligence.

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For the past 10 years, Alison Young has turned her highly trained ear towards the latest and greatest releases as Harp Column's records reviewer. A professional flutist and radio host, she enjoys discovering new music as well as familiar music played in new ways and sharing with readers her points of view in colorful and exacting descriptions. You can email her at


  1. I always enjoy your reviews and often, will attempt to purchase some of the ones you suggest. However, it seems that you often review cd’s that are not that easily obtained. When you reviewed Remy’s cd, it took multiple emails to him to attempt to purchase his cd and it had to be paid for in Euro’s. Your latest review, Impressions de France seems offer a similar problem—other than purchasing mp3’s, the cd is not available. Most people that really enjoy listening to excellent orchestral music, instrumental music, etc. will confirm that the sound quality of an mp3 if far inferior to a cd and therefore, for these kinds of purchases, a cd is superior. Perhaps consider offering suggestions or links as to how to purchase cd’s that you review so that the readers of Harp Column can actually support the artists (which I assume is your intention). I appreciate that you review cd’s that are by artists from countries other than the US but I would imagine the bulk of your subscribers are in the US and would want to (without complication) order the cd’s. Thanks for listening.

  2. Alison Reese on

    Thanks for your comment, Karen. We are glad you are seeking out some of the terrific albums Alison Young has reviewed in Harp Column. Alison tries to review the best albums the come across her desk—sometimes they are released on a major label, and sometimes they are off the beaten path, many times self-released. While we can’t recommend a vendor for you to purchase these CDs from, we can suggest doing one of two things: 1. contact the artist or their management directly through their website. Going directly to the source is almost always expedites the process. 2. Contact your favorite harp retail store and ask them if they carry the album you want, and if not, ask them if they would order it. I hope this helps. Thanks for reading—and listening!

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