I Found My Harpist on the Internet


Web services help people find everything from leg warmers to love online. They are also helping harp teachers and performers connect with new clients on the web.

—by Melanie Mashner

The internet boasts a plethora of apps and services to help musicians get connected with gigs and students and did so long before the pandemic. Chances are, in the last year you have found yourself even more curious about virtual networking possibilities and perhaps have even tried a few out. While the growing availability of online services may create new teaching opportunities and gig potential for harpists, the wide variety of platforms out there can also be daunting. Whether you are a teacher, freelancer, or both, making the decision to advertise your services virtually opens up a myriad of questions. Which site do I use? Is it reliable? How do I start? And perhaps most importantly, is it worth it? We are here to break things down for you with today’s most popular gig and lesson sites and insight directly from the harpists who use them. 

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