How to Disinfect a Harp


Question: With all of the concerns about contamination from viruses, is there any safe, effective way to disinfect my harp?

Prevention first. Safe harpists have safe harps. Please remember you do not need to take action to disinfect a harp unless you have reason to believe that it might have been exposed to a contaminant. It is hard to imagine that your harp has actually been exposed. If you do not have the virus then who put it on your harp? No one but you has played your harp, you wash your hands frequently: your harp is safe.

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  1. balfour-knight on

    Thanks for this article, guys! It was great to see the makers of both of my harps featured, Jakez and Ray. These are my dream harps, a Dusty FH36S and a Camac Atlantide Prestige. Keep on making these magnificent instruments, my friends!

    Best wishes,

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