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Elena Cacciagrano and her Pop Harps quartet were having a hair-flinging good time in this issue’s #practicalharpist photo winner. This was one of the most liked photos in last two years of your #practicalharpist photos. Here are some of our other favorite photos from the last two months. Don’t forget to tag your harp life photos with the hashtag #practicalharpist so we can find you on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Winner: Elena Cacciagrano
@elena_pdlt via Instagram

Home: Abruzzo in Central Italy
Age: 24
Occupation: professional harpist
Story behind the photo: I’m the founder and the arranger of the Pop Harps quartet, and we did that photo during a little performance where we played the song “Final Countdown” by Europe. It was so much fun! The reason for that hair movement is that we were paying tribute to Joey Tempest’s beautiful hair.
What’s your hidden talent? I think I’m good at art.
What’s your favorite piece to play on the harp? I like so many composers and pop/rock bands, I can’t choose a single piece that a I love to play with my harp.
What do you do to avoid practicing? When I’m not practicing, I write new arrangements in Sibelius.
What did you want to be when you were a kid? A harpist—after watching the movie The Aristocats I decided to play the harp. It was very clear and definite.

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