Harp Parts for School Orchestras


I have a student playing in a youth orchestra, and they keep sending her home with a violin part. Short of writing out the part for her, what can I do to get the orchestra to provide a decent part?

Anne Sullivan: Harp parts for school orchestras

Anne Sullivan is a master harpist, teacher, and the Harp Happiness Expert at Harpmastery.com.

Usually your director just needs a little advice and information. You can remind them that piano parts are always more closely suited to the harp and easier to edit than violin parts. Also point them to searchable online databases where they can find ensemble music of all types that includes harp. Luck’s Catalog of Educational Orchestral Music and the Petrucci Music Library database are two that are probably already familiar to them. Make sure they are aware of the ultimate resource, the publication Harp in the School: A Guide for School Ensemble Directors and Harpists, edited by Chelcy Bowles. Though it’s currently out of print, it is worth tracking down a copy from a fellow harp teacher or library.

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