Harp Hands


Harp hands. they do the dirty work of playing and moving our instruments every day. No two are alike, and we loved seeing the unique photos harpists shared with us using the hashtag #practicalharpist. Here are a few of our favorites! Join the more than 2,200 #practicalharpist photos on social media and hashtag your harp photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook .

Harp Hands

You know you made the most heavenly double harmonic when your fingers sparkle!

Winner: Uno Alexander Vesje

Find him on Instagram: @unoharp

Home: Oslo, Norway

Caption: You know you made the most heavenly double harmonic when your fingers sparkle!

Age: 26

What pays the bills? Playing the harp and composing.

What’s your hidden talent? Doing one of the Charleston dance moves.

What is your favorite piece to play on the harp? One of my favorite works is a boombox piece by JacobTV “Cities Change the Songs of Birds.” Impromptu by Faure is also nice to play, just to know that you still have that big beautiful sound and stable technique. For public performances my favorite piece to perform is the first harp concerto I wrote!

What do you do to avoid practicing? I make food or go to cafes. The sun is also a very good excuse in Norway since the sunny days are limited.

What’s your favorite smartphone app? The calendar app that automatically uploads all plane tickets. I do not understand how musicians managed to organize their touring before we had smartphones.

What did you want to be when you were a kid? I wanted to be a composer and pianist—then I saw the harp!

Harp Hands Runners Up

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