Gold Star Student


Five key habits that will make you a model student.

Do you remember getting gold stars on your papers in school?

A gold star was not just a grade or the mark of a good paper; it was an affirmation, proof that you were a worthy student. I loved getting those gold stars.

But I didn’t often earn gold stars in my harp lessons. The unvarnished truth is that I was a terrible harp student.

When I was young, I had no idea how to practice, and consequently, I hated it. My parents tried bribes and timers and threats, but nothing they tried could make me practice. I skated by for a while on natural ability, but my lessons became increasingly frustrating to my teacher. She also tried all kinds of tactics to motivate me. Once she told me about one of her other students who had a perfect lesson the previous week. That did little to motivate me, but it certainly was daunting. How was that possible for anyone, let alone possible for me?

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  1. Joani seltenright on

    Thank you for the tips and information in this article.
    I found it very helpful. I am new to playing the Harp and reading music.
    I am also much older and not your conventional student. I have always wanted to play
    a musical instrument. But I never had the opportunity. However I met a harpist at the hospital, who set her harp in my lap, and encouraged me to pursue playing the harp. That was all it took.
    That sent me on a mission to learn, share and enjoy playing the harp.
    I am fortunate in deed to have an excellent teacher Ms Tyler Hartley.
    I will Use your suggestions to become one of her Gold Star Students.
    Thank you again

    • Thank you, Joani – I’m so glad you found the article and I’m excited to think that you have discovered new ways to work even better with your excellent teacher! Enjoy your harp journey!

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