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Practical tips and easy steps to landing grants for your next artistic adventure

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—by Elizabeth Huston

Harpists are a creative and imaginative bunch. As you flip through the pages of this magazine, you will see scores of artists putting together fabulous concerts, exciting recordings, and groundbreaking careers that reimagine what music can be. You yourself may be sitting at home coming up with great ideas that you know could change the world. The bottom line, however, is this: how do you pay for it? Concert venues, recording time, musicians, commissions, and equipment all cost money. With lost gigs due to COVID-19, most of us don’t have piles of the green stuff lying around. There are several options for fundraising, of course. Most everyone has seen at least one crowdfunding campaign in their life and may have even tried running one themselves. In the end, however, asking for money from friends and family in this way can be difficult to imagine doing. For some people it can even feel downright embarrassing. You know that the U.S. government provides funding for the arts (you’re always hearing about how it’s being cut), but did you know that you have access to that funding? You know that wealthy benefactors often donate large sums to your local orchestra, but did you know that many of them have foundations that you can apply to? Foundation and government resources such as these are called grants, and they’re not just for organizations. As a professional grant writer, I’d like to share the easy and practical ways that you can access thousands of dollars in funding for arts projects.

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