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New etude and instructional books to help with harp technique basics.

There are several new publications that both teachers and students will find very useful, but first let’s consider an old standard for harp technique basics that will give some context for these new offerings.

harp technique basics

For years the Grossi Method for the Harp book has only been available in Italian, but rumor has it an English translation might be in the works.

The Grossi Method for the Harp is still one of the best books out there for developing technique. The book is organized into several sections. There are some wonderful photos of hand positions followed by exercises presented in a logical, progressive fashion. These introduce concepts such as preparing for arpeggios, superimposing the two hands, stretching the second and third fingers, preparing for chords, how to play octaves, scales, harmonics, and much more. This is followed by 20 grade one and then 45 grade two etudes by Pozzoli.

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