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Exploring the Grossi Method in English and Adventures in Lever Harp

—by Jan Jennings

After more than 70 years of publication in Italian, the Grossi Method for Harp is now available in English. Mentioned in the music review in the March/April 2016 issue of Harp Column, this is still one of the finest books available for developing technique. There are excellent photographs of hand positions. The text explains the execution of such things as harmonics, slides and glissandi, dampening, pedaling, and much more. There is a little history of the harp, instructions for installing strings and tuning, as well as an appendix with explanations of signs and abbreviations.

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About Author

Jan Jennings is the music review editor for Harp Column and is the author of The Harpist’s Complete Wedding Guidebook and Effortless Glissing. You can email her at

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  1. Thank you for highlighting Lauren Scott’s music. How wonderful to have more challenging music for lever harp in particular, and the videos/sound files are excellent!

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