Five Easy Fixes


With thousands of moving parts, lots can go wrong on a pedal harp. But here are five things you can make right!

There is plenty to love about the harp. Clearly we’re all on in agreement here, otherwise we wouldn’t be playing the harp, or reading a harp magazine, for that matter! On occasion, though, things go haywire on your harp. That’s when we pick up the phone and make a panicked plea to our nearby harp technician to come fix the problem. But not every problem requires a house call from the harp tech. Here are five things all harpists should be able to fix on their instruments (according to our trusted harp techs).

Squeaky Tuning Pins

Ever turn the tuning pin for one of your base wires only to hear what sounds like a mouse hiding in the neck of your harp? Squeaky base pins are something every harpist should know how to cure, says “Harp Doc” Peter Wiley because, “It’s so simple to fix.”

If you have a squeaky pin, Wiley says you just need a couple of household items to fix it—Vaseline and a pointy tool to apply the Vaseline, such as a wire or kitchen skewer.

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