Big university or small conservatory? Far away from home or close by? What should I play for auditions? Our experts walk you through all the factors you should consider when choosing a college harp program.

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—by Michelle Gott

Looking down the road to life after high school can be both an exciting and intimidating experience. For harpists hoping to continue their harp studies in college, the sheer number of factors to consider can leave you wondering where to even begin. From studio size to teaching style to financial aid, finding the right fit can seem like an impossible task.

But there are a wealth of resources available to make the seemingly impossible within your reach. With some planning, research, and expert advice, you’ll be ready to tackle the college selection process.

The good news

While violinists and pianists might feel like only a number during the college audition process, harpists enjoy a more personal audition experience, despite our growing numbers. Opportunities abound to meet and study with college harp teachers, from summer camps to conferences, competitions to masterclasses. As you open yourself up to these possibilities, you’ll have the opportunity to make meaningful personal connections, both with teachers and fellow students. Those relationships can help you tailor your college audition search and audition experience, hopefully leading to your ideal college match.

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