fiesta en naranjal


fiesta en naranjal, Pavelid Castanedafiesta en naranjal
Pavelid Castaneda, harp; self-released, 2013
4.5 harps

It’s hard to remain seated or stay still listening to the groove of the bright green electric harp played by Pavelid Castaneda on his new disc Fiesta en Naranjal. The album is one long party that tells the story of the Castaneda family emigrating from their tiny community about an hour outside of Bogota, Colombia, to the melting pot of sounds in the United States, and making their own stunningly distinct contribution.

Fiesta is an all-in-the-family project. Pavelid’s son Edmar—who is making his own very successful way as a jazz harpist in New York—arranged, recorded, and produced the CD drawing on childhood memories in Colombia. Other Castanedas, including rich, throaty singer Johanna and guitarist Angela, make featured appearances in the band.

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