From the Eyes of a Recent Bride


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I have been a harpist for over 20 years and have been playing weddings for at least 15 of those. During my time playing for weddings I have dealt with my fair share of demanding and difficult brides. We all know the type: the bride who wants extra time to meet with you, emails you every other day checking in, and specially requests the most obscure repertoire that you need to arrange. These are inevitably the weddings we walk away from with the most outrageous stories that we can’t wait to share with our harp friends. “Can you believe this bride?” I would say, “She was totally crazy!” And my friend would reply, “She sounds absolutely unreasonable!” My dad has joked for years that I could write a book about all of my wild wedding experiences.

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Angela Schwarzkopf is a professional freelance harpist and teacher in the greater Toronto area. President of the Toronto Chapter of the American Harp Society, Angela is the first harpist to pursue a Doctorate of Music in Harp Performance in Canada. Angela is a course instructor at the University of Toronto, and a regular adjudicator at the Glenn Gould School of Music. This season Angela can be seen performing with Orchestra London, the Niagara Symphony Orchestra, the Kingston Symphony, and the Talisker Players, among other orchestras and ensembles. In her spare time Angela enjoys writing for Harp Column.

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