Debussy Trio Turns 25


The California-based chamber group reflect on their staying power after a quarter-century together.

The Debussy Trio performs a concert for school children.

The Debussy Trio performs a concert for school children.

When it comes to musical collaborations, getting together is one thing; staying together is another; and staying together for 25 years—well, that puts you in a league of your own. The Debussy Trio—harpist Marcia Dickstein, flutist Angela Wiegand, and violist David Walther—hit the quarter-century mark this season. We caught up with Marcia Dickstein to find out what has kept this ground-breaking group together for so many years and what new projects they have cooking.

Harp Column: When Harp Column interviewed you back in our March/April 1996 issue, your group was still fairly new. How has it changed since then?
Marcia Dickstein: The most important and obvious change for me is that the three of us really start to anticipate each other and our motions. I think it’s a much less superficial experience now, and back then David was just kind of new to the group, so it’s a much richer experience. For me, personally, as a musician, that’s what I really want it to be—not just throwing this stuff together and walking out of the room saying I never want to see those people again—I want to be with these people long term.

HC: What was your vision when you started the trio 25 years ago, and how does that compare to where you are now?

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