Confessions of a Nervous Harpist, Part 1


Grace Browning, principal harpist of the Rochester Philharmonic and Santa Fe Opera, has been harping for 25 years from coast to coast. In addition to performing, Grace enjoys writing, teaching, hosting concerts, Instagramming, and spoiling her sweet rescue pup, Annie. Follow her on Instagram at @operazzi33 and stay tuned for her next Harp Column Instagram takeover.

How performance psychology saved my career

—by Grace Browning

We’ve all been there…it’s a few minutes before you walk on stage: your heart is racing, your hands are clammy, and you’re starting to regret eating that Reuben you ate for lunch. You know you practiced for this a million times, but you can’t help imagining doomsday scenarios: What if you mess up the third page? Do you remember all the pedals in the cadenza? Are you sure you’re ready for this?

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