Carols for the Season


Old favorites and new-to-you Christmas tunes, plus a method book from Lehwalder

—by Jan Jennings

It’s time to start planning for the holidays and keeping our fingers crossed that we will be performing in person once again. 

Cindy Horstman has written an arrangement of “What Child Is This?” for pedal or lever harp. It is in A minor and both pedal and lever harps set the F-sharp for the duration of the piece. 

The first and third verses are the same with an interpretive second verse. The intro is repeated as an interlude between verses. The stride bass pattern provides a gentle strumming effect in the left hand for accompaniment. It has Horstman’s signature jazzy sound. Pedal changes are notated in the center of the staff. There are no lever changes indicated, but fortunately the changes involve the same levers—the third-octave G in all verses and one second-octave G in the second verse—so you shouldn’t miss them if you read ahead.   

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