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Turning to our fellow harpists for new tunes.

Finding new, original music for the harp is like receiving an unexpected gift, and who better to write for the instrument than a harpist? Whether you play pedal harp, lever harp, or in harp ensemble, you’ll find something appealing and plenty of variety in these new gifts from our colleagues.

An “accessible piece” that showcases some special effects on the harp.

An “accessible piece” that
showcases some special
effects on the harp.

Julia Sanders has self-published several of her original solos, and “Pink Flamingo (Le Flammant)” for pedal harp is the most captivating. This seven page composition (not including the repeat) is brimming with special effects. A glossary of all the effects used is printed on the inside cover. The piece is in 3/4 and has several pedal changes. All the changes are notated below the staff although the size of the font and spacing of these markings is inconsistent, but clear. She includes muffles, harmonics, one- and two-fingered glisses, ascending and descending Aeolian chords, and timpanic sounds, among other little garnishes. All of these pique the listeners’ interest and make it fun to play.

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