How to create a versatile, modern, and reliable gig book that you and your audience will enjoy

Having a great gig book is like having the perfect Swiss army knife—a tool for any situation, a song for every occasion. Taking a broad range of well-organized tunes that you can play the lights out of to a gig is every freelancer’s goal, but knowing how to get there can be tricky. Whether you are just starting out and building your gig book from scratch, or simply need to give your outdated gig book a makeover, we’ve gathered some practical advice from top-notch freelancers to help.

Getting started

If you are new to gigging, then you need a starter gig book. You don’t need every title under the sun to start out, but you do need a skeleton book, of sorts. A few critical tunes from important genres that you can play with ease.

If you’re an experienced gigger, then you likely already have a gig book. Ask yourself, though, when was the last time you added a new tune to your book? How often do you have to shuffle through pages and pages of music to find music for that special request at a party? How likely are you to have the music a bride requests for her wedding? If you haven’t given your gig book much TLC lately, now is the time to give it some love.

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