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Lynne Aspnes taught at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance and the Arizona State University School of Music for more than 30 years. She is currently serving the harp world as President of the American Harp Society. She entertains the birds and deer in Saugatuck, Michigan by practicing and teaching remotely, with the windows open.

Finding shared experience in music maximizes the experience for all

As I am writing this, Harp Column Academy just wrapped up its online Summer Camp. I was fortunate to be included as a faculty member for this inaugural venture, where teachers, students, and technology merged seamlessly into an enriching shared experience.

After being together, observing the commitment from some truly great teachers and the enthusiasm of the participants, I realized that in this era of isolation it’s too easy for us to forget that we are all engaged in the same struggles along the road to mastery, and that the struggles are real.

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In our new article series, This Much I Know,  we ask masters of their craft to distill the universal truths they have come to understand through a career spent with the harp.


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