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Tucked up in the Pacific Northwest, Dusty Strings has quietly become an iconic instrument builder recognized worldwide.

On the flight out to Seattle to interview Ray and Sue Mooers, I struck up a conversation with the woman sitting next to me. She was a life-long Seattleite, and asked me what was taking me out to her hometown. When I told her I was going to interview the  owners of a small harp company called Dusty Strings, she lit up, “Oh, Dusty Strings! That’s where I got my first guitar. I love that place!”

Wait, you know about Dusty Strings? But I thought only harpists, and maybe some dulcimer players knew about Dusty Strings. It felt like that moment when you saw your second grade teacher having lunch at a restaurant with her friends. You mean they have other friends? They have a life outside of me? I would come to find out Dusty Strings is probably better known as a Seattle destination spot for guitarists who live here and are visiting as it is for harpists.

“Yeah, we get that a lot,” says Sue. “There are a bunch of people who know Dusty Strings to be a really, really cool guitar store, and that’s it. Because that’s their world, and that’s what they see.”

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