Author Alison Reese

Editor of Harp Column, freelance harpist, private teacher, hot yoga lover, and grammar geek.

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Torch Bearer

Nearly 20 years after her first trip to Bloomington as a student, Florence Sitruk is back. Except this time she’s the teacher.

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Gut Reaction

Wondering what to do about your gut strings? We take a look at current state of affairs in gut and help you sort out your options.

September-October 2015
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The Sky is the Limit

“…one day I said, ‘Well, if I really want to do music, I have to do it now.’ So I quit my job and I went for it,” says harpist Katryna Tan. She left a successful career in architecture to pursue the harp. Though she had her doubters and the road wasn’t easy, she has built a wildly successful performing and teaching career.