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All the 30 Day Practice Challenge Links in one easy-to-find location!

This article extra is part of the feature article 30 Day Practice Challenge Redux.

Throughout our original 30 Day Practice Challenge we linked to the best practice advice articles and back issue downloads from 25 years of of Harp Column. If you’re a Harp Column subscriber, you’ll definitely want to check out these gems from top teachers. Be sure to log in for full access.

(Looking for our 30 Day Practice Challenge video links? You’ll find them all at

Twelve Practice Tips for the New Year

A New Attitude About Etudes

Balance Points

10 Technique Prescriptions

5 Warmups for the Practical Harpist

Creating Beautiful Tone

Studies, Techniques, and Repertoire for Tone Production

Fire Up Your Warmups

How Method Books Can Improve Your Playing

Close Call: Crash Course in Closing

Fundamentals of a Good Foundation

Practice Takes Practice

Harp Happiness: 12 Habits of Happy Harpists

Put Some Bliss in Your Gliss

Playing by Shape

Just Roll With It

Starting from Square One: Teaching Basics to Beginners

Kick the Habit

Preparing to Practice: Practice Habits

Rhythm Review

Take Our Advice

Make Friends With Your Metronome

Perfecting Lever and Pedal Technique

When Willpower is Not Enough

Coloring Harmonics

Getting to the Heart of Practicing

Lesson Learned

How to Maximize Your Practice Time

Gold Star Student: 5 Tips for Becoming a Model Student

Five-Minute Practice Session


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