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“You won’t believe where you get to play,” she exclaimed, leading the way…

A couple of years ago, I was asked to play the harp for a wedding that was scheduled for the middle of November at a venue near my home in North Carolina. The bride, who was from Florida, said that it would be an outdoor wedding at an old estate house that resembles a medieval castle. Well, November in the North Carolina mountains can be quite cold, so I told the bride that I could not possibly do an outdoor wedding here in November.

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Concert harpist living in Western North Carolina. Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees from Appalachian State University, Boone, NC. Available for weddings, parties, dinner music, municipal events, special church services, concerts, etc. Pedal harp and Lever harp.


  1. What a story, Balfour! I can so picture this in my mind. This has to be the most unusual place you’ve ever played you harp, but it also sounds like a great place to take a “harp photo”. Hugs from TN!

  2. balfour-knight on

    Thanks, Jackie! I do wish we had a photo of the harp in that nice men’s room. If only we had owned a cell phone then! Harp Hugs to you and everyone, too!

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