A Letter to My Younger Self


Welsh harpist Gwenllian Llyr released her debut CD Dusk to Dawn in 2017. She has won prizes at both national and international levels and enjoys a busy freelance career that allows her to indulge her love of meeting new people and embracing new cultures across the world.

Advice to the pre-college harp student from the post-college professional

—by Gwenllian Llyr

Editor’s Note—In anticipation of our college issue, we asked Harp Column readers to submit letters to their younger, pre-college selves. We were curious what harpists would say to themselves, given the chance to travel back in time to the days before practice rooms, dormitories, and juries. We received lots of great letters full of sage advice and observations from the privileged position of hindsight. We thought this letter from Welsh harpist Gwenllian Llyr was one every pre-college harpist should read. Though each college harp experience is different, everyone can benefit from the perspective that time brings.

Dear Apprehensive-Young-Self;

You’re off to college—what an amazing time you’re about to have. You’re about to be treated to so many experiences—both good and bad—all of which will help you in your journey to become a worthwhile musician and empathetic teacher. So drink it all in (along with all those cocktails from Pica Pica and Harry’s—they will both disappear from your life before you hit 30). Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

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