A Colorful Tale


Telling the story of Salzedo through music and color

Born and educated in France, Emmanuel Ceysson is principal harpist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, a position he has held since 2015. Prior to that, Ceysson was principal harpist with the Paris Opera Orchestra. His new album Ballad in Red will be released in the United States on June 15.

First, there was the encounter. I will never forget that day in Chicago when I met the red Salzedo harp. It was during Lyon & Healy’s 150th anniversary celebration, and I first tried the special model at Lyon & Healy Hall. The visual impact it had on me was huge. I had been playing Salzedo models for around 10 years because I found their tone and projection qualities matched my approach of the harp. But in this bright and profound red finish, which still allowed the fragile veins of the wood underneath to be seen, it shocked me. I was even more astounded after laying my hands on it and playing the first chords of the Fauré Impromptu I always use to warm up—what a beautiful, deep, warm, and luscious sound it gave back to me. In an instant my decision was made. This harp was to be mine.

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