30 Day Practice Challenge Redux


Whether you missed our online 30 day practice challenge in January or simply want to revisit your technique and reinvigorate your practice habits, we’ve gathered the best of the challenge in one place!

Here’s the challenge: for 20 minutes a day, focus your practicing only on your technique at the harp. Sounds simple, right? Try doing it for 30 days in a row. Now it’s not quite as simple, is it? In January, we invited harpists in our online community to give this month of technique a shot—we called it our 30 Day Practice Challenge. Over 600 harpists—from beginners to professionals—accepted the challenge. For the next month, we worked on hand position, articulation, scales, chords, sound production, and much more. At the end of the month, 84 harpists had completed the challenge and hundreds more had improved their playing and their practice habits by participating.

We set out to create a sort of “technique boot camp” where harpists act as their own drill sergeant, taking dedicated time each day to dig into the fundamentals of playing. Judging from the feedback we received from those who took the challenge, this dedicated daily dose of technique hit the spot for harpists whose practice time tends to be dominated by learning notes for the next lesson or recital or gig. But don’t take our word for it, listen to what some participants had to say:

“I have really been enjoying this challenge. As a professional harpist who has not had a lesson since college many years ago, it has been so helpful to try and improve my playing one day and aspect at a time. Sometimes it’s so tempting to practice on auto pilot and not think about each finger, each movement, etc.” —Joan S.

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