11 Website Essentials


Having a great website is like owning a fabulous pair of shoes—they will help you look good, help you do your job, and they can go everywhere with you. But like a good pair of Louboutins, a good website is an investment. And, like a really hideous pair of white L.A. Gear high tops from 1995, a bad website can do more harm than good. So whether you are building your first website or due for a redesign of your current site, we’ve got a few tips to help you build a website that works for you.

The Customer is Always Right

The best websites do one thing exceptionally well: they give visitors what they came looking for—nothing more, nothing less. No one wants to waste 10 minutes of their time scouring your website for a contact email that’s buried in unrelated content or, worse yet, not there at all. No one wants to wade through pages of irrelevant content to extract a simple bio. Make your website about what your clients want, even if it’s not necessarily what you want. For freelance harpists, this means putting yourself in the shoes of the brides-to-be, event planners, and harp parents. Ask yourself why they came to your site.What are they looking for when they land on your homepage? Put that information front and center.

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