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Would you like to let harpists throughout the world know about your product or service? Harp Column’s print and online media are the perfect place to do just that. We offer a range of print and online advertising options to suit your style and budget, with frequency discounts for multiple or repeat ads and preferred pricing for advertisers who purchase both print and online ads. Questions? Email us at

A little bit about Harp Column

Founded in 1993, Harp Column is the only independent publication within the harp community to focus solely on news and current events of interest to harpists throughout the world. We interview today’s leading players, provide informative articles for students and professionals, review music, CDs, and other products, and provide immediate online access to harp news like audition and competition results. Our website ( also offers forums, blogs, social networking for harpists, and more.

In Print

Our print edition is distributed bimonthly (6 times per year) to over 2,000 harpists around the world; customers residing outside the U.S.can opt for a digital version of the print edition in its original format. Both print and digital subscribers have access to an online archive of articles, along with PDF editions of back issues in their original format. Email us to receive a complimentary PDF issue of Harp Column, or send us your address if you would like us to mail you a copy of the print edition.

Print ads must be reserved roughly two months before the issue date, and materials are due roughly six weeks before the issue date. We will try our best to accommodate late requests up to the last minute.

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Note: Harp dealers who purchase print display advertising with Harp Column also receive 2 free classified listings per issue, which will also appear online. Print advertisers also receive a discount ($6 per ad) on subsequent ads. Email us at to receive your free ad credits or pay for bulk listings.

Online receives an average of 20,000 visits and 70,000 page views per month by 10,000 unique visitors around the world, about 7,500 of which are registered with us. Visitors spend an average of four to five minutes on the site per visit. We are continuously striving to attract visitors through immediate publication of current events and harp news.

Online ads can be submitted at any time and usually appear within 24 hours.

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