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Beginning fundamentals

Are you completely new to the harp? Follow our series of beginning fundamentals, starting from square one. (Looking for something more advanced? Scroll down for more technique elements.)

Sitting at the Harp

Sitting at the Harp

Master teacher Isabelle Perrin shows how to align yourself properly at a pedal harp to avoid back problems later on. 

Hand Position and Closing

Hand Position

Learn how to build a relaxed and steady hand position for creating facility and sound.

How to Open and Close

Nicole teaches a young student the motion for opening and closing fingers into the hand.

Tone Production and Sound

Playing and Conditioning

More Beginning Fundamentals


Learn the basic technique for muffling with two hands.


Learn how and why to place fingers onto a group of strings at the same time.


Learn the basics of how to tune in this fundamental lesson.

Reducing Tension

Learn Bridget's techniques for reducing tension during practice and performance

Technique Elements

Go beyond the basics with lessons on technique elements like chords, scales, arpeggios, and other harpistic techniques.



Learn how to prepare the hand and play a three-note chord.


Placing 8-note Arpeggios

Learn how to place 8-note arpeggios using Etude #20 from "Studi di Media Difficultá," by Ettore Pozzoli.

Scales and Crossing


Learn how to execute crossunders, an important skill for playing scales on the harp.


Learn how to execute crossovers, an important skill for playing scales on the harp.

Two Exercises for Scales

Learn two exercises for strengthening scales. (To enjoy this video, you'll need to know how to play an eight-note scale with cross-under.)

More Technique Elements


Learn to execute beautiful right and left hand harmonics.


Learn how to play a two-handed trill.


Learn how to play right and left hand harmonics from master teacher Lynne Aspnes

Flat Left Hand

Learn the technique for playing with a flat left hand, also known as "etoufée."


Learn to create phrasing through Bach's "Largo" from Harpsichord concerto in F Minor.

Three Exercises for Position

Learn three exercises for position and strengthening. The concepts in this video are best approached with a stable hand position and ability to play fingers independently.


Learn June's technique for playing descending slides with the thumb.

How to Warm Up

Learn how to warm up using musical context from pieces like Mozart's Concerto, Ravel's Introduction and Allegro, and Debussy's Danses.

Playing Fast

Learn how to strengthen hands and fingers to play fast.

Articulation Through Mozart

Listen to Bridget Kibbey discuss articulation and phrasing using the third movement of Mozart's Concerto for Flute, Harp, and Orchestra as an example.

Celtic techniques

Learn techniques specific to playing in the Celtic style.


Learn how to create left-hand "drones" to embellish your own arrangements.


Learn how to create effective ornaments for improvisation and embellishment.

The Cut

Learn how to play the "cut," one of the most basic Irish ornaments.

Celtic Triplets

Learn Maeve Gilchrist's technique for playing and practicing the Celtic triplet technique.


Learn Gráinne's technique for playing slides in Irish traditional music.

Jazz techniques

Learn techniques specific to playing jazz.