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Welcome to Sunita Staneslow’s Studio

“My hope is that you get inspired by Harp Column Academy to find your own voice. … The more you hear other people discuss music,  ideas, approaches, the more the harp world gains.”

—Sunita Staneslow

Classically trained harpist Sunita Staneslow now specializes in music for the Celtic harp. A resident of Tel Aviv, Sunita is an expert in music of the Jewish tradition. She performs and teaches around the world, and also specializes in therapeutic harp techniques. Read more about her at

Sunita’s Technique Basics


Learn how and why to place fingers onto a group of strings at the same time.

Sunita’s Arpeggio Technique

Arpeggios—Part 5

Go beyond the basics in the final installment of Sunita Staneslow's arpeggio series.

Sunita’s Therapeutic Technique

Sunita’s Repertoire Lessons

Mi Yitnani Of

Learn to play "Mi Yitnani Of," an arrangement by Sunita Staneslow.


"Arioso" is available for instant download at Harp Column Music. Purchase Now


Learn how to play "Seagull" by Kathryn Cater.

Bridget Cruise

Sunita Staneslow shows how to use arpeggios with the added 9th to embellish the classic Irish melody "Bridget Cruise."

Still, Still, Still

Learn how to play Sharon Thormahlen's arrangement of the traditional carol "Still, Still, Still."

River Right Rhumba

Learn how to play Laura Zaerr's original composition for lever harp "River Right Rhumba."