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New  Inside the Practice Room

with members of the Dallas Harp Quartet

New in June Han’s studio

NEW in Felice Pomeranz’s Studio

New in Gráinne Hambly’s studio

New in Alice Giles’ studio

New in Rhett Barnwell’s studio

New in Nicole Brady’s studio

New in Park Stickney’s studio

New in Bridget Kibbey’s studio

NEW in Lynne Aspnes’ studio

Now Open—A Ceremony of Carols, with Lynne Aspnes!

Step inside our newest studio with master teacher Lynne Aspnes, and learn how to prepare the iconic harp and choir work A Ceremony of Carols. We’ve started with some of the more popular movements, but look for all the movements here in the coming weeks.

NEW in Sarah Bullen’s Studio

NEW in Angelica Hairston’s classroom

New in Maeve Gilchrist’s studio

NEW in Jaymee Haefner’s studio

NEW in Kim Robertson’s Studio

NEW in Sunita Staneslow’s Studio

NEW in Isabelle Perrin’s Studio