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Welcome to Maeve Gilchrist’s Studio

“I hope that these videos excite and inspire you in your journey as a harpist.”

We are thrilled to welcome extraordinary lever harpist Maeve Gilchrist to Harp Column Academy! A visiting artist at the iconic Berklee College of Music, Maeve‘s innovative approach to her instrument stretches its harmonic limits and improvisational possibilities.

More about Maeve

Maeve Gilchrist’s Technique Lessons

4-note arpeggios

Learn Maeve's technique for practicing four-note arpeggios.

Accompanying with Arpeggios

Learn Maeve Gilchrist's technique for accompanying using arpeggios.

Celtic Triplets

Learn Maeve Gilchrist's technique for playing and practicing the Celtic triplet technique.

Creative Practice Techniques

Learn how to amp up your practice routine by developing your own creative practice techniques.

Different Rhythms in Each Hand

Learn Maeve's exercises for playing different rhythms in each hand.


Learn how to create effective ornaments for improvisation and embellishment.

Ostinato Exercises—Part 1

Learn Maeve Gilchrist's ostinato exercises for improvisation.

Ostinato Exercises—Part 2

Learn more of Maeve Gilchrist's finger strengthening and hand coordination exercises.

Ostinato Exercises—Part 3

Take Maeve Gilchrist's ostinato exercises to a more advanced level in part 3 of her series.

Right Hand Independence

Learn Maeve Gilchrist's technique for building right hand independence.

Splat Technique

Triadic Exercises

Learn Maeve Gilchrist's exercise for perfecting triads.

Maeve Gilchrist’s Repertoire Lessons

Catriona’s Jig

Learn to play Maeve Gilchrist's original composition "Catriona's Jig."

Fin and Sarah’s Wedding Waltz

Lean how to play Maeve Gilchrist's original composition "Fin and Sarah's Wedding Waltz."

Hogties Reel

Learn to play Maeve's rendition of "Hogties Reel" by Phil Cunningham.

Hospitality of Jane

Learn how to play Maeve Gilchrist's rendition of "Hospitality of Jane."

Ostinato 4 (Yellow Birds)

Learn to play Maeve's original composition "Ostinato 4 (Yellow Birds)."

About Maeve Gilchrist

When we first got to know Maeve Gilchrist back in 2007, she had just won the lever harp division of the Lyon & Healy Jazz and Pop Harp Competition. She was fresh out of Berklee College of Music in Boston and finding her way as a musical transplant from Scotland. Her musical creativity and originality blossomed over the last decade as she moved back and forth between New York City and Boston.

Today Gilchrist is fresh off premiering a concerto for harp and orchestra she was commissioned to write, along with composer Luke Benton. And she has recently released an album with bass player Viktor Krauss. Though Gilchrist has done much to validate the Irish harp as an instrument on par both technically and musically with its pedal counterpart, the idea that her instrument wouldn’t be taken as seriously is a foreign concept for Gilchrist, who grew up in a country with a rich and respected folk music tradition.

Perhaps the biggest step for Gilchrist and her Irish harp was her faculty appointment at her alma mater, Berklee College, which marked the first major college program to hire a strictly lever harp player on its faculty.

Read Harp Column’s feature interview with Maeve in our May-June 2017 issue, and find out more about her at